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Rank Inquiries: Moderator applicants must reach out to the Developer  / Owner for any inquiries regarding their rank status.

If you hold the position of Moderator, Admin, Super Admin, Owner on another chat rooms, your will not be hired.


  1. Staff members must maintain a professional behaviour at all times when interacting with users.
  2. They should treat all users with respect and courtesy, regardless of their background or opinions.
  3. Staff should enforce rules consistently and impartially, without showing favouritism.
  4. They must respect the privacy of users and not share any personal information disclosed in the chat room.
  5. Staff should be familiar with the chat room’s guidelines and policies and enforce them accordingly.
  6. They should handle conflicts and disputes between users calmly and effectively, striving to find peaceful resolutions.
  7. Staff should monitor chat activity regularly to ensure compliance with rules and intervene when necessary to maintain a positive atmosphere.
  8. Clear and effective communication with users is crucial, whether it’s enforcing rules, providing assistance, or explaining decisions.
  9. Staff members should be open to feedback and strive to improve their moderation skills over time.
  10. Collaboration with other staff members is essential to ensure consistent enforcement of rules and effective moderation of the chat room.
  11. Staff members should not change their usernames to avoid confusion. Staff members are not permitted to hold staff positions on other chat rooms